We measure time, but we’re defined by its moments. A visit by Dr. George Daniels in 1987 to show his iconic Space Traveller pocket-watch at our horological college was my moment.

Suddenly, my life’s purpose was crystal clear - though its path was less defined!

I embarked on a seven year quest to master The Daniels Method, learning all 32 trades of the British watchmaker to become worthy of collaborating with the great master himself*.

Eventually, in 2001, I established the Roger W Smith studio with our unswerving ethos to only craft watches by hand, to a peerless standard of horological excellence.

That’s why we make just ten watches each year. And it’s why every watch is a work of mechanical art.

Roger W Smith OBE. The Watchmaker.

* It’s a story that has been captured by the Netflix documentary film “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice”.