Roger has developed advanced ideas for a special new addition to his unique Series of watches…

16 May, 2020

Having shared this tantalising glimpse of his current design work on the next watch in his seminal Series, we caught up with Roger at the workshop.

What does the Series 6 mean for your range of watches?

I have always intended for my Series to be a growing body of work and had been ruminating on a Series 6 for some time.

Creating the Series 4 was my biggest challenge so far, in trying to create a definitive solution to a triple calendar complication. However, once I’d cracked that, it didn’t take long for me to start ruminating on the next challenge.

It’s not just about a new challenge for me, either, but for all of us here at Roger W. Smith.

As ever, it had been hard to find the time to formally embark on the design process, but the recent situation has given me the chance to turn my ‘napkin’ sketches into something more detailed and thought out.

Series 6 - 3D
Series 6 - 3D

Can you reveal anything about the Series 6?

I’m keeping the watch specification very much under wraps for now, but I can say the last few weeks have taken my original ‘napkin’ ideas in some new and surprising directions.

I always talk about being committed to the future, but I find that every time I start thinking about something new, I end up reflecting on my entire body of work. What’s really influencing this new watch is that reflection; I’ve been able to draw on ideas and inspirations from across the whole thirty-year period. I’ve looked back at it all; everything I’ve done, and that even includes the Millennium watch project with George.

All I can say is that it’s resulted in this Series 6 morphing into something rather unexpected!

My aim has always been to make each new watch in the Series a logical, but also surprising next step. It certainly makes it more interesting for me and, I hope, for our collectors and supporters.